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WI Kulcha CEO ‘Ringtone’ promises to shed light on Mexico

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Dominican-born Montserrat-raised Jarrell Fenton, alias Ringtone, is ready to talk about WI Kulcha’s first party trip that was to pop off in Mexico from August 18 to August 22, 2022.

Promised a trip of the lifetime for one upfront fee to have their flight included, ground transportation to the planned fetes/events and tour excursions as well as accommodation, many of the 70 customers who bought into the idea have been on social media, especially Twitter telling horror stories of the debacle, fiasco, and melee that unfolded to their disappointment.

On August 17 when some patrons arrived in Tulum to no warm greetings and signs upheld at the airport to identify the WI Kulcha team members, Spidey sense started tingling for some, while others responded in angst on learning that the ground transportation had left before their arrival.

From the outside, many were unaware of any hiccups, as patrons posted ‘omw to Mexico’, ‘next stop Tulum’, ‘doing it fuh wi kulcha’, etc on their socials. There was very little buzz after the departure posts. However, on August 19, when WI Kulcha posted a vibey video shot by hired videographer, commonly known as ‘Kris Shot It’, from the first event on the itinerary ‘Jet Lag’ (held August 18), people who were watching from abroad started feeling a sort of way about missing this inaugural trip from the promoter and his team.

But then there was more radio silence.

Until August 22, when WI Kulcha posted an apology to their Twitter saying that a death led to one partner pulling out at the last minute and that had a snowball effect that brought plans crashing down. Refunds were promised and the team took responsibility for the shortcomings.

Following the apology, patrons then started to open up and speak out loudly via Twitter sharing their stories of what unfolded night by night and day by day. There was a series of Spaces hosted on Twitter on the night of August 22 and some boisterous patrons did not mince their words or bite their tongues, though one or two contributed but refused to share too much detail with over 2,000 people listening in at least one of the Spaces ably-hosted by Twitter handle @Krxx_x. Many listeners applauded how he commanded the Space, moderated, and asked the crucial questions of the patrons who felt scammed. Another Space was done by Enigma on Twitter as he was one now seeking reimbursement for his downpayment for the WI Kulcha Bali trip, that was slated for 2023.

WI Kulcha’s CEO has, however, asserted that he too will address the matter beyond the posted apology. He said that he will release a statement today, August 24, 2022.

Fenton, in a thread, tweeted:

“I’ll put out a statement tomorrow morning (Aug 24th) regarding the Mexico trip, etc. Yesterday, my main priorities were making sure everyone got to the airport or land border safely and assisting a patron who had a medical emergency.

“As expressed to patrons, I take full responsibility for the mishaps on the trip. However, I am extremely disheartened by some of the exaggerations, sensationalizing and lies in regards to certain events.”

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