Whenever Real People Unite, Good Develops – This Is Good For Jamaica.

Whenever Real People Unite, Good Develops- This Is Good For Jamaica. Phylicia Prussia Found!!!

The news which depressed the whole of Jamaica for the last number of days was the disappearance of that little girl from St. Thomas by the name of Phylisa Prussia.

When I heard the story from MP Dr. Michelle Charles I became very depressed. 

I really should not take these things personally but it is hard not you. 

I asked the MP to keep me abreast of any development but I guess that now that the little girl has been found, MP Charles is too excited to even update me.

I had other interests in not only seeing that girl rescued but the officer in charge SP Allison Byfield is someone who I have known for a long time. 

I know she must have taken this one very hard and I know she must be smiling at this time also with the rest of the team and saying, “Thank You, Lord!”.

I knew that this little girl would be found. 

This is a small country and when we unite and say we will do it, and we will achieve it, then not even the powers of hell can stop us. 

May Jamaicans continue with that spirit and send the strongest message to all criminals and their supporters that we have had enough and they will have no resting place in Jamaica. 

We will now tolerate those dogs in our communities.

Let us condemn those who want to blame the rest of the society for the deeds of these devils, and those who get involved with these nasty dutty criminals, whether they are uptown, downtown, dark skin or they are light skin, let us condemn them in the strongest possible way. 

Their friends and these relatives of the supporters and criminals must also be condemned. 

Let us condemn those who seek to use these hardened, cold and callous murderers to promote the use of the Covid-19

These persons must be put in a corner of society and not be put on a pedestal as leaders. 

They are bad for society and they are encouraging us to go down the road of no return. 

If these leaders had any shame they would resign immediately because you do not have the support of well-thinking Jamaicans.

Today is a proud day for the police and citizens of this country. 

I pray that this partnership continues. 

There are bad politicians, bad police officers and there are bad citizens. 

Let the good politicians, the good police officers, and the good citizens unite for the good of this country to get rid this country of these criminals and also silence their supporters. 

Let us do it for ourselves, our families, and Jamaica Land We Love.

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