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Police Officer among detained MoBay gathering, photos show partly nude men at ritual

 Police Officer among detained MoBay gathering, photos show partly nude men at ritual

Big Security Operations In Montego Bay – Church

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The police and soldiers were carrying out an operation in the Paradise area in St. James. Word on the ground is that there are churches in the area that many see as encouraging cultism in the country. The police have been monitoring these churches our sources say.

I have been told that the church that was raided is on the road leading to Paradise Acres. Someone from St. James informed me that about 2000 EST on Sunday, October 17,  gunmen went to this newly built church in the Paradise area to see the leader. An argument developed and the pastor pulled his firearm and shots rang out. Persons have said that at least one person has been killed but this is unconfirmed. 

During the operations many police officers and military officers were in the area, There were army tanks and other police vehicles the citizens said. I am trying to confirm with the police whether one or more people were killed.


Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that a policewoman is among those detained following last night’s bizarre incident at the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration of Montego Bay in St James.

The cop was among congregants at the Norwood Avenue building, said to be the home of a cult, where a ritual was being performed.

In the meantime, more details are emerging about the night of terror in which three people were killed.

It is reported that two had knife wounds.

One man was shot dead by the police when they responded to calls for help.

Photos show men, partially nude, covered in bloodied sheets.

A woman, dressed in white who was laying in blood, appeared dead. 


Head of the St James Police Division SSP Vernon Ellis said the police recovered a pistol and several rounds of ammunition from the scene.

WATCH: SSP Ellis provides a preliminary update

The Independent Commission of Investigations is probing the matter.

In the meantime, the police have detained almost 40 people who were meeting at the Norwood Avenue building in Paradise.

The congregants, all dressed in white, were taken away in a Jamaica Defence Force truck.

One woman who was spotted leaving the building had one hand raised to the heavens and the other clutching a toddler.

This is not the first time this is happening: Learn More

Neighbors told (TalkUpDiTingsDem) that around 7 p.m, they heard heavy gunfire and then the screams of members.

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