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RIP WhatsApp Breaking News: The Future is Coming

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RIP WhatsApp — the text message is back

Still using WhatsApp ? RIP Please. Anyone under 30 knows there’s only one cool way to communicate these days — and that’s with an old-fashioned text message

RIP WhatsApp “I love the simplicity of a text, as I find it weirdly comforting”
“I love the simplicity of a text, as I find it weirdly comforting.”

RIP WhatsApp Picture this: it’s 2008, and you’re wearing a pair of wet-look leggings and an Abercrombie & Fitch tank top cinched at the waist with a statement leather belt worthy of Russell Crowe in Gladiator. You brush your side fringe out of your eyes when you hear a familiar “ping” from your iPhone. Someone has texted you. For a moment, you marvel at the sleek handset—12 months ago, the thought of a touch-screen mobile seemed like the stuff of science fiction. Simpler times, you think, as you tap out a quick “soz bbz il b l8 ly xxxx.”

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Fast-forward to 2023, and you’re on your 14th iPhone. You have 67 unread WhatsApp messages, 3,890 unread emails, nine Instagram DMs, and a happy birthday message on

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