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Video leaves fans of top dancehall artiste asking questions


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He is regarded as one of the top entertainers in dancehall music today but did you know that before entering into a life of music this artiste had other ambitions?

Can you guess the artiste?

one-minute video posted on social media showing a young student on a junior school challenge quiz programme speaking about his plans to take a totally different career path has left some fans surprised.

Other social media users were left asking questions as they would, later on, come to witness the entertainer growing up to lay down a new set of rules in the music industry

“Who would have thought,” said one social media user after watching the video.

Another user said even though the artiste took a different path, certainly, his ability to deliver thought-provoking lyrics must have come from the curricular activities that he was involved in as a student. Also, there were hints, the artiste, a student at the time, did point out in the video that one of his hobbies was in fact singing. One of the career paths that he said he was aiming for was medicine.


Watch the video below as the artiste, a student at the time, introduces himself and gives his full name.

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