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Tragedy has struck again at FLAT-BRIDGE leaves one female dead | TalkUpDiTingsDem

Neighbors of the 27-year-old woman who plunged into the Rio Cobre on Sunday are ruing her predawn demise.

McCain Hudson perished after the Nissan AD Wagon motor car reportedly ran off the Bog Walk Gorge road in the vicinity of Flat Bridge. 

She was trapped inside the vehicle and her body was retrieved by fire personnel and local divers.

The driver, a man, survived and was taken to hospital.

Residents described Hudson as quiet and well-mannered and that she was always in the company of a male friend.

“I just don’t believe as they’re normally here watching football,” Marcus Chambers said of Hudson and a male friend.

“I was here when she moved into the community. It brings tears to me that she is gone tragically.”

There were expressions of disbelief about why Hudson and the driver were traveling during curfew, which began on Saturday at 6 p.m. and which was due to expire on Monday at 5 a.m.

The St Catherine North police have launched a probe into the crash of death.
There was almost a second tragedy as a wrecker from On-Time Wrecking plunged into the river while attempting to remove the ill-fated car.

“Them haffi get a bigger wrecker to move the one that got inna difficulty,” Delbert Brown, an onlooker, said.

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