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Residents are outraged – after gruesome murder by the police | TalkUpDiTingsDem


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Residents are outraged today Sunday, September 26, 2021

after a patrol of police and soldiers were driving along the 

vicinity of Beeston Street and James street, according to police

they saw a suspicious movement from an individual and proceeded to

investigate the suspicious sitting, upon  reaching the seen the police

then claims they allegedly saw a gun in the individual’s hand 

while fleeing, then proceeded to chase him, within seconds he was shot and killed 

by one of the soldiers, after receiving 6 shots to the back

this individual had a family like many others  |

it’s funny that the residents were never outraged at the exact time of the incident

I find that a bit sketchy, because while it was strange that the police acted so 

quickly to remove the body before indecome, TVJ or the Gleaner’s news crew got to the crime scene

it was even more strange to see the residents only got outraged once the body was being removed


so as I conclude, this story I say this to all residents please allow indecome to do their jobs 

and there is a saying ( what is in the dark just come to light )

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