Three males perish in late-night Montego Bay collision


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Three men perished in a late night motor vehicle crash along the AGS Coombs Boulevard in Montego Bay, St James on Thursday, September 8.

According to reporting from the Transport Ministry’s Road Safety Unit (RSU), the crash took place in the vicinity of the ATL car dealership. The single-vehicle crash involved a 2015 grey Nissan AD Wagon motorcar.

According to the RSU, the motorcar was traveling along the AGS Coombs Boulevard towards Montego Bay, when the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a median in the vicinity of the ATL car dealership.

The driver and four other occupants of the car were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital suffering from serious injuries.

The driver, along with two passengers – all male – died while undergoing treatment. They were ages 54, 49, and 31.

Meanwhile, the number of people who have been killed in motor vehicle crashes since the start of the year now stands at 324. The deaths resulted from 280 fatal crashes, the RSU said.

It said fatal crashes have decreased by six percent, while fatalities have decreased by three percent when compared with the same period in 2021.

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