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The use of Fool’s Gold by hustlers: mineral being sold in Kingston

The use of Fool’s Gold by hustlers: mineral being sold in Kingston

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It seems hustlers in the Corporate neighborhood have discovered a new method to profit from the product just a week after dozens of people in Hanover were caught up in a frenzy to mine what appeared to be gold but were ultimately disappointed after learning it was the mineral pyrite.
In Kingston, hustlers have been seen offering different rates for little amounts of the mineral to unwary clients.
One lady who talked with TalkUpDiTingsDem News claimed that on Saturday, a single male approached her and attempted to sell her a little piece of the mineral for $2000.
Although the stone being sold included what seemed to be extremely minute mineral particles, this did not stop the con artists.
The woman, who was a part of a group of people gathered around the man who was observed selling the stone in downtown Kingston, stated, “I was not the only person he contacted, there were other consumers who really bought the products assuming that it was gold.
He tried to sell the item to people who did not believe the idea that the mineral was gold by telling them it could fend off ill luck and bring riches.
The Mines and Geology Division (MGD) of the Ministry of Transport and Mining informed residents that their recent discovery was not the valuable metal they were hoping to find after seeing a large group of people rush to areas of Chester Castle, Hanover, last week to mine what they believed to be gold.
Last week, MGD representatives said that after doing their own tests, they came to the conclusion that the material was pyrite and iron sulfide.
The MGD reached this decision after a geological team visually examined the mineral’s characteristics, such as color, crystal structure, and crushability.
Pyrite, sometimes known as fool’s gold because of its metallic luster and subtle brass-yellow color, is a mineral with minimal economic worth, especially when compared to gold.

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