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Since the implementation of the new traffic rule

Since the implementation of the new traffic rule, more than 50 fines have been issued in Mandeville, according to the police

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MANCHESTER, Jamaica — Since the new Road Traffic Act went into force on Wednesday, police in the town of Mandeville in the country’s south-central region report that over 50 fines have been issued.
The computerized traffic ticketing system has improved the efficiency of law enforcement, according to the sub-officer in charge of the Manchester Traffic Department Sergeant Florizel Williams.
“So far, so nice; the city is well-kept. People have complied and are really worried, he said on Thursday.
“For the most part, drivers have been following the rules… Since Wednesday, we have used the new gadget to issue more than 50 tickets. As of right now, the system is working well and is simpler. In actuality, it is quicker to issue tickets, Williams continued.

He is enjoining motorists to follow the rules.

“The new Road Traffic Act is designed to act as a deterrence [for violations], not to beat down on any motorist,” he stated.

He appealed to drivers by citing data on traffic fatalities.

“We lost 486 persons to motor vehicle accidents in 2021, and 488 in 2022. We wish to [decrease it]. I’m asking everyone to utilize the road so they may get about their daily lives without suffering any accidents-related injuries,” he stated.

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