Home » schoolboy Viral Video Unveils Startling Altercation!

schoolboy Viral Video Unveils Startling Altercation!

Viral Video Unveils Startling Altercation!

Shocking Police Confrontation with St Mary Schoolboy Sparks Intense Investigation

Police altercation with St Mary schoolboy being investigated

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In a stunning turn of events, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is deep into a rigorous investigation following a dramatic altercation in St. Mary involving a schoolboy student and a police officer.

This sensational incident, caught on camera and now widely circulated, originated from
what the police describe as a routine traffic stop that quickly spiralled out of control.


According to the police statement released on Tuesday, the routine stop targeted the
father of the schoolboy for a traffic violation. However, tensions escalated unexpectedly,
drawing the student into a physical confrontation with a police officer, all captured in
the now-viral video.

The JCF is leaving no stone unturned in its investigation, enlisting the Inspectorate
and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) to review the incident meticulously.

The comprehensive inquiry involves gathering essential statements and sourcing additional
footage to ensure a thorough understanding of the unfolding events.

Stay connected for updates, as the law enforcers commit to sharing more information
as it surfaces. This gripping investigation promises to reveal the truth behind the
shocking clash, and we’ll be at the forefront to keep you informed.

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