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Rebuilding Homes After Arson in Gregory Park: Government Takes Action

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Rebuilding Homes Destroyed by Arson in Gregory Park: Government Takes Action

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre) and Member of Parliament for St Catherine East Central Alando Terrelonge (left), listen as resident of Gregory Park, Shushana Francis (right), recounts the experience of her house being firebombed by criminals on Saturday, August 12. (Photo: JIS)

The Government’s resolute response to the distressing incident in Gregory Park, St Catherine, is set to bring relief and hope to the community. As approximately 40 individuals reel from the aftermath of the firebombing, the Government, led by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is making a resounding commitment to rebuild the 11 houses that were tragically destroyed. This decisive action comes in the wake of rampant gang-related turmoil that has left the community shattered.

In an official announcement, Prime Minister Holness, accompanied by Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson and East Central St Catherine’s Member of Parliament Alando Terrelonge, personally visited the affected area. The Prime Minister underlined his determination, stating, “The 11 houses/structures that were destroyed will be replaced. The intention of the perpetrators to uproot the community will not succeed.”

Supporting Families and Facilitating Education Amidst Adversity

Acknowledging the upheaval and trauma faced by the displaced families, Prime Minister Holness assured ongoing assistance. With a significant number of residents being children, there’s a pressing need to address their well-being, especially concerning their education. The Prime Minister expressed, “We are mobilizing support, particularly for the children who must return to school. Shielding these young minds from the lasting effects of such an ordeal is paramount. Swift and effective social interventions are imperative.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre) and Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson (left), listen as resident of Gregory Park, Karona Gocun (right), recounts the experience of her house being firebombed by criminals on Saturday, August 12.

The commitment extends to the provision of back-to-school supplies, alleviating the disruption in the education of the displaced children. This proactive approach underscores the Government’s commitment to restoring normalcy and stability to the lives of those affected.

Embracing Resilience: Rebuilding and Restoring Hope

The heartening resolve of the Government is evident in Prime Minister Holness’s announcement of the accelerated inclusion of the affected area in the New Social Housing Programme. This signifies a pivotal shift towards enhancing living conditions and upgrading housing facilities in the region. The swift progression of this initiative is a testament to the Government’s determination to thwart the aims of those behind the attacks.

Prime Minister Holness underlined the dual focus on both physical reconstruction and community cohesion. He emphasized, “Reconstructing the structures is not only about buildings but about revitalizing lives. Our resilience as a community will shine through, and we shall triumph over this adversity.”

Unity, Peace, and Progress: A Collaborative Path Forward

The resolve to re-establish peace and harmony in the community is evident as Prime Minister Holness outlined the collaborative strategy. He asserted his commitment to working alongside the Member of Parliament and various government agencies, supplemented by law enforcement, to initiate a process of engagement with the youth in the area.

This multifaceted approach aims to guide the youth away from the path of violence and towards understanding the futility of such actions. Prime Minister Holness affirmed, “By fostering unity and conveying the consequences of such violence, we hope to dissolve the allure of gang activities.”

In unity lies the strength to overcome, and the Government’s concerted efforts are geared towards guiding Gregory Park towards a future free from fear and violence.


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