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PNP commenced hitting the roads in development for Regional Government Elections

 PNP commenced hitting the roads in development for Regional Government Elections

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In anticipation of the pending Local Government Elections, People’s National Party (PNP) President, Mark Golding, says the party will be embarking on weekly tours and meetings to drum up support for its councilor candidates.

“We will be going on the road twice a week every week, and we’ll be going parish by parish,” Golding told comrades during the PNP’s Region Five Executive Council meeting held at Munro College in St Elizabeth on Saturday.

“One of those meetings each week will be with the councilors and councilor-candidates and the campaign teams, and those will be working meetings, and we will perhaps have an opportunity to do interactions on the ground as well,” the Opposition leader continued.

“The other tour will be a parish tour each week,” he added.

Jamaica’s next Local Government Elections are due by the end of February 2022.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said the elections will not be held during the 2021 calendar year, due to COVID-19 concerns.

According to Golding, the COVID-19 pandemic had derailed plans by parties to embark on campaign activities before.

At the same time, he acknowledged concerns that he was not visible since becoming Opposition leader a year ago.

“We had a poll done in August. It told us where we were then… I wasn’t, I think, pushing myself forward sufficiently in the media as well, and we weren’t on the road.

“COVID has made it hard to be on the road, but we’re now changing that,” he declared.

To that end, Golding said the upcoming tours by the party will not only prove beneficial to the political organization, but also to his leadership.

“I need to be out there. People need to see me and get to know me and know how mi stay, and how mi flex,” he said.

Some 30 prospective councilor candidates were presented at the meeting for divisions across region five of the party’s network.

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