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People’s National Party Denies Fake Document Circulating Amid Diplomatic Row

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People’s National Party Denies Fake Document Circulating Amid Diplomatic Row

PNP General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell (File photo)

In a recent interview, Dr Dayton Campbell, the General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP), vehemently denied the authenticity of a document bearing the party’s letterhead that is currently being circulated. The document appears to criticize the Jamaican Government’s stance in a diplomatic dispute with Washington DC over the accreditation of an American diplomat’s spouse.

The news, initially reported by TalkUpDiTingsDem-News, stated that Dr. Campbell labeled the document as “fake” and assured the public that an official release would be issued shortly to clarify the party’s position.

The controversial document allegedly raised concerns about “threats to gay rights” and emphasized the party’s commitment to “inclusiveness.” However, the PNP has firmly denied any involvement with this document.

The ongoing diplomatic row between Jamaica and the United States centers around a request made earlier in the year. The US Government sought the Jamaican Government’s approval to grant diplomatic immunity and privileges to the married same-sex partner of a diplomat being posted to Jamaica. Reports indicate that the Jamaican Government did not respond promptly to the initial request.

As the tension escalated, the US sent another diplomatic note demanding a response, to which the Jamaican Government reportedly responded by rejecting the request. This rejection has led to concerns about potential diplomatic repercussions from the US Government against Jamaica.

Some experts speculate that granting approval to the request could inadvertently lead to the recognition of same-sex marriages, which remains illegal in Jamaica.

Local media sources also reported that the US Government responded to Jamaica’s rejection by refusing to extend the stay of three diplomats in Jamaica’s embassy and consulates in the United States. Among those impacted are Jamaica’s ambassador to the US, Audrey Marks, and Consul General Oliver Mair, both of whom are expected to return to Jamaica this year.

As the situation unfolds, the PNP aims to clarify its position through an official statement, distancing itself from the circulating document and focusing on addressing the diplomatic row with transparency and diplomacy.


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