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Pastor Murders Wife and Dies Moments Later

Pastor Murders Wife and Dies Moments Later

Shocking Tragedy: Pastor Murders Wife and Dies Moments Later

A tragic story of a pastor killing his wife before dying himself unfolds near Spanish Town.
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In a horrifying incident near Spanish Town on Burke Road, a local pastor killed his wife before meeting a tragic end himself moments later.

Details of the Incident

The couple was reportedly involved in a heated argument that quickly escalated into violence. Witnesses state that the p@stor attacked his wife with a machete, inflicting multiple severe wounds to her upper body. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tragic End for the Pastor

After the brutal attack, the p@stor attempted to flee. While running from the scene, he tripped, fell, and fatally struck his head on the sidewalk. Emergency responders confirmed his death at the scene.

Ongoing Investigation

The identities of the couple have not been released as investigations continue into this shocking case of domestic violence turned fatal.

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