Home » Parent asks for assistance to rescue brave 7-year-old fighting cancer.

Parent asks for assistance to rescue brave 7-year-old fighting cancer.

The parent asks for assistance to rescue brave 7-year-old fighting cancer.

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Shaneel Simpson, the mother of seven-year-old Nyla Simpson, is pleading with the public for assistance in saving her daughter’s life.
Nyla is allegedly in serious health and is facing a stage 4 Wilms tumor; her mother is frantically attempting to get her access to cutting-edge treatment options abroad.
Nyla and her mom Shaneel Simpson

Nyla’s mother noticed a hard lump on her left side in 2019, which led to the discovery that Nyla had a stage 4 Wilms tumor. Since then, she has undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment while being in and out of the hospital.

The cancer cells have grown increasingly resistant to therapy despite early gains.

Shaneel’s hopes were dashed on Wednesday when she learned that palliative care was not something that she should pursue.

She isn’t giving up on her little fighter, though, since she is aware of Nyla’s fighting spirit.

According to a press statement, Shaneel is currently looking for advanced medical care choices outside of Jamaica for a second opinion.
According to a Thursday update on the GoFundMe page established to collect funds for Nyla:

It’s been a very trying few years as we know, Nyla has been fighting for almost 4 years to get rid of this disease. Unfortunately, cancer located in the lungs has progressed significantly over her breaks and has now taken over her right lung, causing intense pains that cannot be relieved without a lot of pain medication. Our girl is fighting for her life and doctors are at the point of recommending palliative care due to her advanced state. But we will not give up! Nyla is a warrior and we know we can beat this.

The document continued by describing the family’s requirements, including a medical visa, an air ambulance, and pediatric lung cancer therapy.
So, the mother is begging for immediate assistance in two ways:
1. Contributions
Please contribute to Nyla’s GoFundMe campaign and spread the word about it to help her fight this cruel illness. Their objective is to amass at least USD 100,000. Just around $25,000 has been raised through the GoFundMe account thus far.
How you can donate:

– GoFundMe


– Scotia Bank Local (Jamaica)

Shaneel R Simpson 

Acc# 000044032

Bank code: 21725

Branch: Scotia Financial Center Constant Spring

Savings JMD

2. Advocacy: Shaneel is urging people to learn more about Nyla’s situation. She thinks that public support might help to save Nyla’s life.

“Nyla needs the community’s help and kindness now more than ever in these difficult times. Together, we can ensure Nyla receives the cutting-edge treatment she needs to combat this dreadful illness. Please support Nyla’s cause, speak up, and spread the word about her. Let’s show Nyla and her family that we are fighting with them by standing with them, the statement read.

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