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13-year-old burn patient returns to Jamaica following US medical care

A 13-year-old burn patient returns to Jamaica following US medical care

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Adrianna Laing, a 13-year-old Westmoreland girl who needed immediate medical attention in the US after suffering serious burns in a home fire that also killed her siblings, arrived back in Jamaica on Thursday.

After a home fire that killed her three younger siblings in September of last year, she had 97% body burns.

Adrianna, who was literally on the verge of death when she arrived in the US, endured 26 operations there at the Joseph M Still Burn Institute in Augusta, Georgia, including the amputation of her left leg. She needed a feeding tube installed, as well as many skin grafts and procedures to remove scar tissue.

Adrianna has quickly evacuated from the nation following the Westmoreland tragedy in September thanks to the contacts created by the Sanmerna Foundation in Jamaica. Also, they helped raise money for her recuperation and kept an eye on her while she was in the US.
Stephen Josephs, a representative of the Sanmerna Foundation and the person who traveled with Adrianna to the US, said that by November the infant had begun feeding on his or her own.

Adrianna, who made a quick recovery and was given a prosthetic limb, left the US months ago and arrived back in Jamaica on Thursday.
Adrianna is doing well and is in good spirits despite losing her limb and her three brothers, twins Jayden and Jorden, 7, and Adriano, 8, in the house fire.

When she arrived home on Thursday, she was beaming, and her father was happy to see her again.

Her healing process is still ongoing.

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