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One more Shooting In Ackee Walk-In Kingston Again

One more Shooting In Ackee Walk-In Kingston Again

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At minutes past four this afternoon, November 6, 2021, the silence was shattered with the sounds of a barrage of gunshots being fired in rapid succession. Yes, I knew that another life was lost and the eerie silence which followed was just as blood-curdling. It’s another crime scene in Kingston, Jamaica
The last time a similar incident occurred and I rushed to the crime scene, the deputy Principal of Excelsior was gunned down while she cared for her plants, in full few of her son. The crime scene was at the corner of Fairdene Avenue and Molynes Road in Kingston. Persons dashed from all corners to find out who had bitten the dust again – who was made a duppy! The community of Ackee Walk was the scene of another crime. Gunshots…death…this is the life that our children are growing up in and they were there observing everything.

When I arrived at the scene, women were screaming and men openly cried because another community member seemed to have lost his life.  I saw the injured/dead man lying on the ground motionlessly, while there were commotion and confusion all around. Everyone was yelling out as to what should be done. Eventually, someone turned the man over in the recovery position. He was bleeding profusely. Someone yelled, “Check his pulse, check his pulse”. One lady attempted to do so and as she attempted to do so the injured man gasped for air. I said to myself that, that was his last breath. This is the first time that I am seeing a man die – die like a mongrel dog on the street. What a country – what a life!

The people were now attempting to lift the injured/dead man to take him in a car to the hospital. I begged them to be careful how they lifted him because they could cause further injury. In that confusion, no one was listening to any voice of reason. Many persons were trying to lift him up, and then someone lost hold of the man and his head then hit the asphalt with a loud thud. I said to myself that there is no doubt that he is dead now!

The police officers arrived quickly on the scene. I stood on the other side of the road and was about to take a picture when police yelled at me, “Yu can’t teck no picture”. That seems to be a new police law to me.

I left the area feeling sad for all of us. We cannot depend on the police force alone to deal with the crime taking place in this country. The police were very quick on the scene but those criminals would be miles away by the time they arrived. We need to organize citizens in various areas to become members of a Community Security Force. Train them to deal with security, first aid, disaster management, and other things so that they can assist their communities. They should also be armed. As a society, decent citizens should have the right to arm and protect themselves from these terrorists. The nation must act now and we must tell our leaders that we have had enough. It’s time for ACTION!

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