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No same-sex unions will be recognized locally, claims Chuck

No same-sex unions will be recognized locally, claims Chuck

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Delroy Chuck (file photo)

Despite an uptick in applications from the LGBTQ community, the post is still open.

In an effort to put the matter of same-sex marriage in Jamaica to rest, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has stated that the government does not and will not endorse the practice.

Chuck addressed the subject on Tuesday during his participation in the 2023–2024 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives. He said that more applications for same-sex weddings have been submitted recently, even though such unions are not recognized in Jamaica.

“We issued 8,313 (marriage) licenses last year and presented the Minister of Finance or the Tax Administration Jamaica with $33,252,000,” he said in front of the Parliament. We are prospering, but we don’t mind getting married more so that we can give the Ministry of Finance more money.

Chuck said, “We appreciate when individuals come in for their marriage license because it signifies that a family will hopefully be formed or at the very least a husband and wife.”
He also disclosed that there had been more applications for marriage from the LGBTQ community.

He did, however, imply that the Government would not be moving to legalize such unions on the island.
“To be clear, we do not currently, or ever, endorse same-sex weddings. The reality is that individuals have been coming and begging for same-sex marriage licenses.

Currently, this is not permitted “Chuck announced.

He said that the Justice Ministry still issues Minister’s Marriage Licences to both walk-in and hotel applicants.

The majority of walk-in applicants may have their applications processed by the government in under 24 hours, he claimed.


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