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Government settles legal judgements for $530 million, according to Chuck

Government settles legal judgments for $530 million, according to Chuck

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During the fiscal year 2022–2023, the Jamaican government, through the Ministry of Justice, paid out $530 million in judgment debts for 193 cases.

For the fiscal year 2022–2024, a total of $680 million was approved at the same time.

Delroy Chuck, the minister of justice, made notice of this during his Tuesday remarks during the House of Representatives Sectoral Debate on 2023–24.

The judge remarked, “We are pleased to notify Jamaicans that all judgment issues received during the fiscal year were honored and paid in full.”

Chuck also informed the House that the Legal Aid Council (LAC) is still working to provide quality legal services to the underprivileged. He said that in 2022/2023, the Council successfully resolved 2,388 court cases with the help of appointed attorneys.

Chuck stated, “The Council represented clients in a total of 5,809 court cases, 2,917 of which were duty counsel assignments and 2,892 were legal aid assignments.
He said that the LAC continues to oversee the 148 mentally challenged convicts who were detained in the island’s prisons last year and provided legal representation for them.

According to the justice minister, the LAC will give more mentally challenged prisoners legal counsel this year and will give people with impairments special assistance.

Additionally, the LAC has increased access to legal aid by implementing outreach and awareness-raising initiatives. These included the Justice Mobile Units’ monthly dispatch for neighborhood visits in both urban and rural areas.

The Mobile Justice Units have made 151 trips too far to provide legal advice and perform legal assignments. “The ministry is going into every nook and corner of our country,” stated Chuck.

At justice expos held as part of the Alternate Justice Services Tour, a total of 1,292 clients have now received legal assistance.


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