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Murdered in his sleep ( graphic video inside )

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This is a very horrific video to watch

So please be advised you must be 18 and older to view this clip 

And please be advised, make sure there are no children around while you watch this video.

Now let’s get right into it, there is no need to explain what went down in the video 

It’s quite obvious that was either a contracted hit or just a crazy mother fuc….er high on drugs 

Either way it’s a crazy scene to watch

Personal I’ve been wondering how he felt when he felt that first bullet.

Even tho he was shot multiple times in the head and face, I assume it was a quick death based on the assailant firing multiple times without mercy 

I’m not 100% sure if this video can be of any help to the police to capture this suspect, but I really hope it helps, if anyone has information on this horrific crime is being asked to call crime stop (311) or (119) your nearest police station.


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