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MP’s Daughter and Mother Abduction Case – Person of Interest in Custody! Reward Offered

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Breaking News: MP’s Daughter and Mother Abduction Case – Person of Interest in Custody! Reward Offered

MP's Daughter and Mother Abduction Case


In a shocking turn of events, a person of interest has been apprehended in the case of the alleged abduction of Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell’s daughter and her mother. Stay updated on this gripping story as local authorities intensify their investigation. A J$500,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to their safe return.

An individual believed to be a person of interest in the unsettling case of the abduction of MP Phillip Paulwell’s daughter and her mother is now in custody, as local authorities ramp up their efforts to solve this disturbing mystery.

Reports from a reliable police source indicate that this individual, whose identity remains confidential, was intercepted while attempting to leave the island via an aircraft on Friday. 

The Constabulary Communication Network has confirmed that this individual is currently undergoing questioning but has refrained from disclosing any details about the operation that led to their arrest at the airport.

Simultaneously, concerned family members and dedicated law enforcement officials continue their relentless search for 10-month-old Sarayah Paulwell and her 27-year-old mother, Toshyna Patterson, who went missing on Saturday, September 9th.

Investigators are exploring various angles in this perplexing case, with one hypothesis being that the infant and her mother were abducted from their St. Andrew residence. The urgency of the situation has prompted the offering of a J$500,000 reward for any information that could facilitate their safe return.

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