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Most promising Alkaline Songs: 30 Critical Tracks From Dancehall’s ‘Youngest Lawd’

Alkaline carved a separate path for himself in Dancehall music from when he broke out in 2013. His unique style, melodic talent, and clever contentious tactics have kept his fan base engaged and developing locally and internationally. The Billboard Reggae chart-topper is now hailed as one of the most amazing Dancehall entertainers of the decade, which is further solidified by the impact of his catalog.

So, if you’re seeking to get into Alkaline—read on, and check out this 30-track sample of his most essential songs, in no special order.

Alkaline streamed his heart out on My Side of the Story, making the first of many hits in 2016. Never shying away from creating music invested with a strong sentimental overtone, he pleads with his partner to not throw their love away, as he vies for one more chance with her, giving all the reasons why they shouldn’t break up. The track, produced by Good Good Productions, shows the many sides of the artist; his impressive delivery, clarity, rhythmic potency as a deejay, and his ability to switch effortlessly into a melodic tone to perfectly suit a song laced with closeness.

  1. On Fleek (Love Yuh Everything) (2015)

The fast-paced Money Me a Look riddim set the mindset for this sexually-charged 2015 hit. Noted as one of the singles that unlocked the door for Alkaline’s triumph internationally, On Fleek, which uses the alternate title Love Yuh Everything, has all the features of a racy dancehall track. Advancing far beyond mere inducement, the deejay takes listeners along with him to an enthralled and seduced state as he summarizes all the things he loves about his idealistic partner, with emphasis placed on her physical qualities.

3. 123 (2013)

A risqué remark moves throughout the whole of this 3-minute track as Alkaline gloats on his capacity to charm numerous ladies on the double and the straightforwardness with which he makes it happen. Recorded among his previous hit singles, the VP Records-delivered melody further mirrors exactly the way that the performer catches, persistently, the interest and commitment of his grudge-named fan base, which had proactively started to cherish the stunningly well-known and capable dancehall symbol.

4. Things Take Time (2014)

2014 saw the authority arrival of Things Take Time which was trailed by a hot music video, coordinated by Simeon Hedge, in 2015. All through the track, Alkaline adheres to his thought that time is the expert of all things, incorporating his heartfelt contribution to a lady who professes to be uninterested in the first place. Basic commitments her, in any case, that soon enough they’ll be together. His steadiness takes care of and toward the finish of the tune’s most memorable chorale, he reports his status has moved up to “man a yaad” — the man in her life.

5. Weh Wi Ago Do (2014)

Soluble conveyed a thoughtful feel that hit the nail on the head for some Jamaicans upon the arrival of Weh Wi Ago Do. Created by NotNice, the single is an earnestly merciless indication of the financial troubles looked at by the country’s lower class. He genuinely calls upon the country’s administration to assist with facilitating the weight of the residents, simultaneously conceding rout despite the difficulty, as he communicates little expectation that things will change.

5. Block & Delete (2016)

The message in Block and Delete is clarified inside the initial 15 seconds of the Chimney Records-created track. The appealing song of the tune is not the slightest bit intended to hide Alkaline’s proud realism as he helps one to remember his heartfelt advantages that she is not the slightest bit obliged to remain with him — ” Yuh can leave if yuh wah leave”, is his situation. The reason for his detachment? “More gyal still a come”.

7. Load Up (2016)

The dangers of progress structure the groundwork of the hit melody that is Load Up. Delivered on the Levels Riddim, created by Yellow Moon Records, in 2018, Alkaline becomes sincere about the jealousy that regularly torments society — the terrible green-looked at beast that tries to impair the people who were sufficiently fortunate to accomplish their fantasies. This brutal however evident acknowledgment keeps him in a watchful state and ready to shield himself, in spite of the fact that he clarifies that leaving a decent inheritance is more important to him than savagery.

8. Ride On Me (2015)

In Ride On Me, Alkaline opens up about his deepest feelings through classless and uncensored verses as he subtleties the enthusiastic sexual relationship he imparts to his accomplice. Every inclination and substantial response is described, ruling out the hypothesis about the closeness divided between the two. DJ Frass Records took care of the creation of this hit track which was delivered in 2015. It cleared a path for the 2017 remix with hitmaker, Sean Kingston.

9. Extra Lesson (2016)

2016 was a significant year for the ‘Youthful Lawd’ who produced hits successively, and Extra Lessons sparkled like a pearl among them with a beat similarly as critical as the hard-hitting melodious substance. In Jamaican culture, the dubious term ‘gyalis’ was begotten to depict a man who participates in heartfelt relations with different ladies. Antacid gloats that his “style and example” is the explanation he succeeds around here and berates the people who neglect to meet the imprint.

10. Ocean Wave (2020)

Similar to the title, the synthesis of Ocean Wave conveys to audience members a tranquil and confident perspective. Soluble makes a wonderful showing by utilizing his biography, caught through the tune’s energetic verses and similarly emotive instrumental of delicate string cushions, piano songs, and reliable drums, to interface with his fans on a significantly more profound level. He recounts his way to progress, beholding back to the battles his family confronted when he was a youngster and the constant self-conviction expected of him to overcome any barrier that prompted his now-notorious status. Delivered by Javi of Tru Ambassador, Ocean Wave was remembered for Alkaline’s sophomore collection, Top Prize which was delivered in 2021.

11. Spoil You (2016)

Basic is a finished refined man in Spoil You, collaborating with Yellow Moon Records in 2016, for one more uber hit. He sings of a unique young lady who accommodates his models; excellence, insight, and a charming character, all of which give him no decision except to give her his consideration, show her off and plan a future with her. Yet again basic puts his flexibility on full showcase, utilizing his voice like a genuine instrument to influence melodic streams, with vocal supports native to his particular sound which he creates so “alrighty then, well.”

12. Fast (2017)

Soluble keeps his foot on the gas pedal, conveying zingers with quick-moving rapping in a record season of 3 minutes and 40 seconds for this 2017 hit. Quick arrives at its peak from the absolute first refrain, switching gears all through however never losing energy. During the melody, Alkaline compares his profession and impact to an “airplane” that beginnings at the press of a button while never dialing back, permitting him to advance past his downers. He recognizes that his own flaws and life’s vulnerabilities make the street before him flighty yet his trust in his fate makes him relentless.

13. ATM (2015)

With more popularity comes more cash and Alkaline clarifies that abundance is his primary need in ATM — All About the Money. He adds, in any case, that this is no solitary love; opening the chorale with “I’m about the cash” and shutting the 12-line hold back with “And the cash about me”. He proceeds to reference the two-sided deal that is popular, delighting in its advantages while likewise surrendering that it has made him an objective for pessimism. ATM was remembered for Alkaline’s 15-track 2016 collection, New Level Unlocked which appeared at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums graph.

14. Suave (2017)

Basic combined efforts with Chimney Records for this dancehall, hip-jump imbued banger — Suave. It was delivered as a solitary in October 2017 and contains three similarly flawless sections and a snappy pre-chorale that has fans inviting the refrain as though it were whenever they first were hearing it. Antacid gains by the 5 minutes 5 second-track, loading each refrain with new verses about how effective his style is. He presumes that he is essentially in his own association, and deified as a result of it.

15. Live Life (2013)

In Live Life, Alkaline frees himself of all non-self-serving feelings, staying unflinching to carry on with his life in the manner in which just he sees fit. Delivered during his introduction year, 2013, A crisp sounding Alkaline is heard establishing the vibe for his now decade-old music vocation, that he is unaffected by pundits and a free-thinking irregularity. All through the track, he expects and keeps a sans judgment position, beseeching others to do likewise.

16. Impact (2017)

Starting from the beginning of his vocation, that is what’s going on with it been; leaving an effect. The influence was delivered in 2017, and no fair-figuring individual would contend with a solitary line from the track.

17. 12PM (2016)

The tale of a severe backlash unfurls at 12 PM, as Alkaline participates in a warmed conflict with his foes. As depicted by the Vendetta Boss, the showdown closes in an attack with his side left standing. He goes for the kill without hesitation, keeping a daring disposition, and when it’s everywhere, he falls back on partaking in his rewards for all the hard work in the tune, which has the other title Living Good.

18. Pretty Girl Team (2017)

Two things are made sure here; Alkaline has an extraordinary group for his heartfelt advantages and likewise, with any group, there is a benchmark. The track was delivered by Armzhouse Records in 2017 and revolves around a specific young lady who stimulates his interest with a specific quality that gets her a spot. Basic doesn’t cause audience members to consider for a really long time how she prevailed upon him immediately, as he begins the melody, “Beautiful young lady wid a body weh woulda frantic anyone. Yo, mi did affi put her pon mi group.” The connection with the track’s title is made there and afterward however that is not by any means the only part of the hit melody significant — the beat and Alkaline’s stream are enamoring the same which keeps the tune invigorating and one his fans keep on rehash.

19. With the Thing (2019)

Soluble collaborated with ZJ Chrome of CR203 Records for this 2019 delivery in which he tends to the traitorousness of those he once saw as companions. He concedes the disclosure of their secret plans was difficult to accept yet deals with the truth directly. He looks at their ‘fellowship’ to a content that entertainers follow, making a reference to the dream film character, Harry Potter, to effectively express his idea.

20. Champion Boy (2016)

Yellow Moon Records demonstrated instrumental in the early long periods of Alkaline’s profession. In 2016, Champion Boy was delivered and fans adored it. The track is included in his introduction collection, New Level Unlocked, and it impeccably proclaimed his quick ascent in three years or less. “Dem did a seh me profession soon dead. Two years now and I never feel more invigorated,” he sings in the main section.

21. In This World (2017)

For In This World, Alkaline picked a smooth stream, smooth harmonies, and a reggae beat to make himself clear. He tends to the troublesome life many persevere in Jamaica however settles that things would be a lot simpler on the off chance that a mentality shift was to occur. Basic gets down on the ‘crab inna barrel’ attitude that some cultivate, which makes it difficult for people to succeed because of the jealousy of others. He additionally mourns the increasing homicide rate, common among ghetto adolescents while considering security powers responsible for foundational defilement.

22. City (2016)

Alkaline’s goal for New Level Unlocked couldn’t be any clear with City being the second track of the collection. He was, undeniably, dancehall’s primary pioneer when the track was delivered in 2016 and he makes a point to repeat that reality all through the hit record. The city is bound with cunning zingers, clever verses, and mocking punches. He likewise name-drops popular Hollywood famous people that he accepts would fit this ‘new level’.

23. Red Eyes (2017)

Delivered in 2017 on the La Vida Riddim, Red Eyes has a moderate to quick beat which supplements the adjustment of Alkaline’s musical stream as he changes from the refrain to the chorale. Lee Milla Productions is behind this hit melody which subtleties Alkaline’s continuous fight with the impacts of his prosperity. He can do no directly according to the people who are scared of him. In any case, their aggressive statements neglect to bother him as he is undeniably more convinced by the power of his own effect.

24. After All (2016)

A little group needs to pay special attention to every one of its individuals — that is the reason Alkaline is cautioning the people who represent a danger that he is prepared to shield his own in his 2016 track, After All. In a tone of earnestness, he guarantees that he is constantly ready for a battle and that his affection and devotion make it unthinkable for him to leave his ‘family’ unprotected from foe powers.

25. Juggernaut (2018)

In Juggernaut, Alkaline handles his foes, telling audience members he values every one of the battles starting from the beginning of his profession since it has made him a superior man now. Delivered in 2018, the tune was created by Johnny Wonder and Adde Instrumentals.

26. How It Feel (2014)

Created by DJ Frass, How It Feel is one more of Alkaline’s hits from 2014. “How it feels, Seh shi like how it feel, When a terrible man an f-CK she, Mi know yo like how it feels
Seh shi like how it feels, 100 percent security,” he warbles on the tune.

27. Company (2016)

Company was one more hit in the 2016 run, yet was not on the New Level Unlocked collection. Soluble cooperated with up-maker Anju Blaxx on Zen Riddim for this banger, which many fans say is their go-to melody “to fix the state of mind”.

28. Gyal Bruk Out (2014)

Delivered by NotNice in 2014, Gyal Bruk Out is supposed to be the first reason for the ill will among Alkaline and the Warlord Bounty Killer, which actually waits in 2022. The executioner had called out Alkaline for the “grimy” lines in the tune, especially: “This evening each gyal a turn a villain, Turna a dutty freak, turn a john crow”. Soluble then delivered a tune named Anywhere We Go in which he “dissed” Bounty Killer and selector Foota Hype, saying: “no gyal caan comedian man dawg, afta mi nuh Killa or b-tyman Foota Hype”.

29. One More Time (2016)

Off DJ Frass’ All Inclusive Riddim, One More Time is one more of Alkaline’s very much adored hits. The tune was among those chosen for the Haute Paris runway during the main significant assortment of Paris Fashion Week’s menswear season in 2022.

30. Formula (2016)

Formulawas delivered closely following the New Level Unlocked collection in 2016 and is, without a doubt, quite possibly of Alkaline’s best melodies. “Mi heritage won’t ever kick the bucket I swear. Dem a wail as of now and me d’even inna mi prime, I swear. Come in like mi brought into the world before mi time I swear,” he gloats on the track, however, he is yet to match his 2016-2017 run.

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