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Men Charged with Attempting to Book Motel Room with Underage Girls

Men Charged with Attempting to Book Motel Room with Underage Girls

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Men Charged

Three men were apprehended and charged with child abduction after allegedly trying to reserve a room at a motel accompanied by three underage girls in Portmore, St Catherine, last Sunday.

The incident took place at a well-known motel situated on the ‘Back Road’ section of Port Henderson Road in Portmore.

The men, all residents of Portmore, have been identified as Kenrick Mullings, a self-employed 19-year-old residing in Braeton Phase 1; Ricky Smalling, a 21-year-old self-employed individual from Braeton Phase 1; and Andre Barrett, an unemployed 19-year-old residing in 7 East, Greater Portmore.

According to reports, the accused individuals attempted to book a room at the motel in the company of three girls aged 12, 13, and 13. These girls had allegedly left their homes to meet up with the men on Sunday afternoon.

A vigilant citizen notified the authorities after realizing that the girls appeared to be underage.

Upon receiving the report, the police promptly responded, leading to the apprehension of all six individuals as they attempted to flee from the motel.

The three suspects are currently in custody at the Greater Portmore lockup, while the three girls have been placed in the care of the state.

Arrangements are being made to schedule a court date for the men to address the charges they face.


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