Men acting ‘strange’ close to business place searched, firearms found


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 Police in Hanover arrested and charged two men with illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition following the seizure of two firearms and 62 rounds of ammunition on Main Street, Hopewell in the parish on Monday, August 15.

Charged are 18-year-old Daniel Knott of Belle Isle Road, Westmoreland and 19-year-old Dondre Wilson, otherwise called ‘Blacks’, of Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

Reports are that at about 7:50 pm, lawmen were on duty when they were made aware of suspicious men in the vicinity of a business place.

The officers processed to the location where both men were seen; they were accosted, and searched and the weapons – with the ammunition – were found in their possession.

Both Knott and Wilson were arrested and later charged. Their court dates are not finalised.

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