Man wanted for ‘shooting senior cop’ now in police custody


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Twenty-five-year-old Randall Gallimore, otherwise called ‘Nibbs’, of Wakefield in Linstead, St Catherine, who was earlier on Monday listed as being wanted in connection with the shooting and injuring of a police inspector in Linstead earlier in the day, is now in police custody.

Randall was arrested in a police operation in Wakefield on Monday evening.

According to reports from the St Catherine North police, the inspector and his team were on duty in Linstead town centre when they observed two men whose actions aroused their suspicion.

The men were accosted by the law enforcers.

In response, one of the men reportedly pulled a firearm and opened gunfire. 

The police inspector and a 22-year-old taxi operator were injured during an exchange of gunfire between the shooter and the police team.

One of the two men was held on the spot, while Randall was pursued and subsequently arrested in the operation.

The police said they are maintaining a presence in the area as they seek to reassure residents that they will continue to work to keep them safe.

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