Two of three cops granted bail on charges of murdering tiler


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Two police officers have been granted bail by the High Court after they were initially denied bail by the parish court on murder charges stemming from the killing of a tiler whose death allegedly resulted from his refusal to pay a bribe.

Corporal Kemar Dennis and Constable Purcell Carter appeared in the Supreme Court last week and were each granted bail in the sum of $1.5 million.

Some strict conditions are attached to their bail.

The men are also charged with shooting with intent and other offenses in relation to the fatal shooting of Phillip Wallace at East Kirkland Heights in St Andrew on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

A third constable who was implicated in the murder, Corporal Miguel Ebanks, is still awaiting his appeal to the High Court to be heard on the matter of bail being denied by the parish court.

Ebanks was further charged with two counts of committing an act of corruption, contrary to section 14(1)(a) of the Corruption (Prevention) Act.

All three policemen are to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for the mentioning of their substantial cases.

It was reported that Wallace was shot dead while outside a bar in his community of Green Glide Close in Red Hills, St Andrew on July 16.

A woman escaped serious injury during the gun attack.

It is alleged that the policemen requested $100,000 from Wallace to drop a case against him.

A report was made to the Constant Spring Police Station and a corruption probe was reportedly launched into the lawmen.

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