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3 Lives Lost, Including 2 Primary School Students


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Tragic Carnage: 3 Lives Lost, Including 2 Primary School Students, in St. James Shooting

3 Lives Lost, Including 2 Primary School Students
In a heart-wrenching incident,3 Lives Lost and tragically cut short when a hail of bullets struck a taxi in Salt Spring, St. James.
Shockingly, among the victims were two innocent primary school students. The assailants behind this merciless attack remain unidentified, leaving the community in fear.

A high-ranking law enforcement official has officially confirmed this triple homicide.
This devastating occurrence bears an eerie resemblance to a recent incident in which a man and a woman lost their lives during an attack dangerously close to an infant and primary school in the Salt Spring community.

Stay tuned for more details on this unfolding tragedy.



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