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Life for Illegal Firearm Possession Under New Law


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Breaking News: A landmark Sentence for Illegal Gun Possession Sets Precedent in Jamaica’s Firearms Battle

Landmark Conviction
Description: “In a groundbreaking legal development, a 26-year-old man, Atlee Eric Murray, was sentenced to life imprisonment for illegal firearm possession under the new Firearms Act.

This landmark case marks a significant step in the fight against gun crime. Learn about the mandatory life sentence for possession of prohibited weapons and its impact on the safety of communities. The article also discusses the controversial proposal for mandatory minimum sentences for other serious crimes.”


In a groundbreaking legal development, a 26-year-old man from St. Catherine, Atlee Eric Murray, residing on March Pen Road, has received a life sentence for the possession of a prohibited weapon. This sentence represents the most severe penalty ever imposed under Jamaica’s new Firearms Act.

The police have hailed this case as a pivotal moment in their ongoing battle against gun-related crimes.

TalkUpDiTingssDem News provides a detailed report on this significant event.

This historic judgment stems from section five of the Firearms Act, which introduces the offence of possessing a prohibited weapon.
This offence mandates a life sentence with the possibility of parole only after serving 15 years. The Jamaican government, under the Holness administration, is taking a firm stance on crimes involving firearms, and this penalty reflects their commitment.

On October 26 of this year, Atlee Eric Murray received his life sentence, with a 15-year minimum prison term before he becomes eligible for a parole hearing.

The case against Murray was straightforward. He was apprehended by the police on March Pen Road in Spanish Town on Christmas Eve the previous year.

When he noticed law enforcement officers, he made an attempt to escape. The police pursued and witnessed Murray removing a Taurus 9-millimeter pistol with 13 rounds of ammunition from his waistband.
The firearm and ammunition were seized, and Murray was subsequently arrested and charged with the possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorized possession of ammunition.

Murray admitted to the charges in the Gun Court, which led to his life sentence for illegal gun possession. He also received a nine-year prison sentence for the ammunition offence.
The police view this outcome as a significant milestone in their fight against gun crimes, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to enhancing community safety by curbing the menace posed by illegal firearms.
In parallel, Jamaica’s parliament is considering the implementation of mandatory minimum sentences for other serious offenses. This proposal has stirred considerable debate and controversy.

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