CAPTURED: Man who threatened to kidnap girls, women in custody

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The man who was on Monday morning being sought by the police in relation to a threat to kidnap women and girls in Mandeville, Manchester, is now in police custody.

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Head of the Manchester Police Division Superintendent Shane McCalla confirmed on Monday afternoon that the man was “picked up” and is undergoing interviews by investigators.

“Initial observation that has been made is that the young man is displaying signs of mental health issues and, as such, whilst we do our part as the police, there is also another aspect to it where the Ministry of Health personnel are also on board and are actively involved in the process,” he said on Monday afternoon.

The man, whose name has not been released by the police, was seen in a video circulated on social media promising that when school reopens today, September 5, he would be driving around and “taking all girl kids” and women because they are needed for an experiment.

The police issued an appeal late Sunday night for him to immediately surrender at the nearest police station. The police also appealed to the public to help them identify the man in the video.

On Monday afternoon, Superintendent McCalla thanked everyone who assisted the police “in the speedy resolution to this particular matter”. 

The senior cop also urged Jamaicans to be observant and seek assistance once individuals observe any signs that a family member, a friend, or a co-worker may be showing any signs of mental health problems.

“It is a serious issue that affects a large number of persons in our society, and sometimes it goes unnoticed and untreated,” he said.

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