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Dancehall Artist Silk Boss Named Person Of Interest By Police


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St. Catherine South Police has named dancehall artist Silk Boss as a person of interest. This comes days after police invited dancehall artiste Silk Boss to make a formal report about his assault.

Silk Boss, whose real name is Rohan Reid, is being asked to report to the Portmore Criminal Investigations Branch by midday on Monday. 

The Jamaica Constabulary Force released a message on their Twitter account stating he was a person of interest but not offering any other details about him.

‘ Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to contact the Portmore Police at 876-989-8422, police 119 emergency number, or the nearest police station,” the message ended.

The police request stems from the artist being assaulted by masked men in a video that was shared online. 

The artist has since done several rounds of interviews where he said that he was set up by a friend who made the Gulf Man gang members assault him and his girlfriend Brii last month and threatened to kill him.

The artist said that the men robbed him of $1.4 million cash that he was going to use to purchase a new BMW motorcar. He also said that the men who were seen in a recent music video were the ones who attacked him. 

He did not report the crime to the police, and in an interview with his ex-manager Terro Don, the Montego Bay artist said that the video was released to “tarnish” his name and destroy his career as the men were envious of the lifestyle he and his girlfriend (who is also his manager) lived. 

He cited specific details about his trips abroad to Canada and elsewhere and said his former friends were jealous and hateful that they couldn’t live the lavish lifestyle he and Brii enjoyed, and they wanted to be taken on trips with him.

In the meantime, Silk Boss continues to speak out about the incident. On Sunday, he released a new track, “Sorry,” that spoke about the assault.

The song has more than 500K views and is now the No. 1 on Trending in Jamaica.

“People nuh genuine, None ah dem nuh real, dem only come round fi de benefits, When dem nuh get it, dem eyes red like seh a red herring, Mi siddung inna di bush by myself a pree many tings, Mi owna friend go set me up and mek dem tek mi things,” the artist says.

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