Man shot after resisting arrest and attempting to grab officer’s gun

Man shot after resisting arrest and attempting to grab officer’s gun

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A video is circling social media showing a man resisting arrest and trying to grab a police officer’s gun in the process of resisting arrest, he was being told both by the

officers and friends and family members to comply with the officer’s requests to calm down and stop resisting and get in the service unit.

However, efforts were futile the man was rushed to the hospital but his condition is unknown to us at the moment.

we will get further updates to you as soon as we get them.


A man who the police said was wanted for the July 12, 2022 murder of Tyrone Morgan, otherwise called ‘Cookus’, was fatally shot during a confrontation with the police in Nain, St Elizabeth on Sunday, October 23.

The deceased has been identified as 25-year-old Tuwaine Morrison, otherwise called ‘Wasp’, of Steven Run district, Nain in the parish.

Reports from the Junction police are that at about 3pm, law enforcers responded to a call for assistance with a domestic dispute in the community, where it was alleged that Morrison assaulted relatives of his with an illegal firearm, and made threats to kill them.

During the process of taking him into custody, he resisted the law enforcers and reportedly attempted to disarm one of the lawmen.

In a video of the incident that is carried below, he was captured saying that the cops would have to kill him to take him in, despite desperate and repeated urgings from persons on the scene for him to cooperate with the law enforcers.

The police said during the melee, the officers on the ground discharged their weapons, and Morrison was hit.

He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Both officers who were on the scene are said to be receiving treatment for multiple injuries which they sustained during the altercation, including a broken wrist and several bite wounds that were inflicted by the now-deceased man.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) are investigating the incident.

The police said Morrison was also previously charged by the St Elizabeth police in connection with three robberies across the division.

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