LIVE: South Korea vs Ghana – World Cup 2022

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LIVE: South Korea vs Ghana – World Cup 2022

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Teams are to face off at Education City Stadium at 4pm (13:00 GMT).
In opening matches, South Korea drew 0-0 against Uruguay, and Ghana lost to Portugal 3-2.
Lowest-ranked Ghana showed it could punch above weight in the Portugal match.
FIFA rankings: South Korea (28), Ghana (61)

Starting lineups

South Korea: Kim Seunggyu, Kim Jinsu, Kim Minjae, Kim Moonhwan, Kim Younggwon, Jung Wooyoung, Hwang Inbeom, Son Heung-min, Kwon Changhoon, Jeong Wooyeong, Cho Guesung

Ghana: Lawrence Ati Zigi, Tariq Lamptey, Mohammed Salisu, Gideon Mensah, Daniel Amartey, Thomas Partey, Kudus Mohammed, Salis Abdul Samed Jordan Ayew,
Andre Ayew, Inaki Williams

The stadium still filling up

The teams are now on the pitch doing the pre-game routines. The stands are nowhere near full but there are still 30 minutes still left before kickoff and people are steadily making their way into the 40,000 and more capacity venue.

Let’s hope we have some goals today

The South Korea-Uruguay game was the first in World Cup history where both sides failed to have a shot on target.

Kudus is one to watch

Ghana’s Mohammed Kudus is one to look out for today. The 22 year-old is key to the Black Stars’ attacking threat and he was impressive on his World Cup debut against Portugal last week. He has already scored 10 goals for Ajax this season in all competitions, including four in the Champions League.


We’re underway here at the Education City Stadium!

1min: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana

Jordan Ayew scored a hat trick against South Korea in 2014

Ghana’s Ayew scored three goals against South Korea in a 4-0 friendly win.

He’ll be hoping for a similar result today!

South Korea start on the frontfoot

As they did against Uruguay, South Korea’s play has been brisk here. They look dangerous in transition.

6 mins: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana

Excitement and energy levels rising

While more people are inside the stadium as the game kicks off, pockets in the venue still have empty seats. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of noise in the stadium – with lots of horn, drum and different-coloured Vuvuzelas sounds echoing around the Education City Stadium.
The number of Korean and Ghanaian fans – in the stadium looks pretty even, competing with each other as to who can be louder in their support for their respective teams.

Flurry of corners

Three corners for South Korea in the space of a couple of minutes. Their high press and intensity is overwhelming the Ghana defence.

9 mins: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana 

Ghana being overrun

Party, so often the enforcer for Arsenal, is struggling to take charge in midfield here. Ghana is struggling to keep hold of the ball here. South Korea has had five corners in the game already.

12 mins: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana

South Korea dominating possession

The Taeguk Warriors have had 65% of the possession here. Dominant is an understatement.

17 mins: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana

South Korea dominated possession during the early stages

They have enjoyed 60% of the possession as they probe Ghana’s defense.

They’ll be looking for their Zorro-esque captain, Son, to make something happen here.

Ghana needs to wake up

Someone needs to remind Ghana that a loss today will see them knocked out of the World Cup. They’ve been sleepwalking here.

22 mins: South Korea 0 – 0 Ghana

A fine showing from South Korean fans

Just as they were during the opening match, the South Korean fans have been in a good voice.
These two South Korean fans traveled all the way from the country’s second-largest city Busan.


Salisu scores for Ghana completely against the run of play!

Jordan Ayew plays a dangerous free kick into the box and in the ensuing scramble, the 23-year-old Salisu turns and scores instinctively

23 mins: South Korea 0 – 1 Ghana

The game has turned on its head

Ghana scored with their first shot on target. The goal has filled them with confidence and they’ve come alive here. Football huh?

28 mins: South Korea 0 – 1 Ghana

Two waves of celebrations as VAR rules Ghana’s goal onside!

If the stadium had a roof, it would have been raised as Ghana opened the scoring, and the fans erupted with joy.
A VAR review for handball had many worried, but the referee has now given it!

Ghana has seen out the storm

Ghana has settled into the game here and has looked like the more threatening side since that goal. The Ghanaian fans in the stadium have found their voice too. Beautifully poised here.

32 mins: South Korea 0-1 Ghana

Black Stars’ celebrations silence South Korean fans

Al Jazeera’s Usaid Siddiqui is at the stadium:
“Cheers from the Black Star supporters exploded across the stadium as Ghana scored the match’s opening goal, silencing their Korean counterparts momentarily. Chants of ‘Ole Ole Ole’ emanating from the Ghanaian supporters echoing up and down Education City.”


Kudus doubles the lead for Ghana!
Jordan Ayew with his second assist of the game. His cross in from the left is deftly headed home by the Ajax man Mohammed Kudus. The first goal came against the run of play but the Black Stars fully deserved this one.

34 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Kudos to Kudus who continues excellent form for the club and country

Mohammed Kudos scores his seventh goal in twenty appearances for the Black Stars.
He has been excellent for Ajax this season, and the twenty-two-year-old looks like the real deal.

Ghana is playing with flair here

The Black Stars are playing with such poise and confidence here. Inaki Williams is creating problems for South Korea with his movement and strength.

39 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Ghanaian fans encourage the team to find a third goal

That second goal from Mohammed Kudus seems to have taken the wind out of the Korean fan’s sails. Many have their hands behind their necks, with a look of bewilderment on their faces.
Meanwhile, the Ghanaians are jumping, shouting, and blowing their horns, shouting ‘Goal, Goal’, seemingly anticipating the third one.

Jordan Ayew loves playing South Korea

The Crystal Palace man got a hat trick for Ghana the last time these two sides met. Restored to the starting lineup today, he’s got two assists and has been the best player on the pitch here.

43 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Ghana has tightened things up

It’s striking (see what we did there?) how deep Andre Ayew is playing. He’s been helping out in the midfield and has essentially been playing alongside Party here.

46 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

A lot of love on social media for ‘starboy’ Kudus


Ghana going into the break in the lead and (temporarily) top of the group.

HT: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Eight goals so far today…

and a whole load of excitement. More of this, please!
Earlier, we enjoyed a six-goal thriller and another World Cup comeback.
Can South Korea turn this around?

The stats at half-time

‘Dream start’

Fans are making their way to get some refreshments during the break as the evening and subsequent cooler weather sets in.
Daniel Kwaku, 37, from Accra, is “very confident” Ghana can win this game now from this position. “They have performed spectacularly … one goal up would have been decent, but this is a dream start,” he said.
The South Korean fans are understandably dejected, with Young from Seoul quipping that “we had more possession, but we didn’t defend well”. “It will be difficult now to win,” the 24-year-old said.

The second half is underway!

All to do for South Korea here

46 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Ayew has been key for Ghana so far…

One change for South Korea

Woo-Yeong Jeong has been replaced by Na Sangho at halftime.

50 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

Great save by Ati Zigi

Gue-sung’s athletic header is well-parried by the Ghanaian keeper. Incidentally, that was South Korea’s first shot on target in this World Cup.

52 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana

One for the mantlepiece….

Screams of excitement could be heard from South Korean fans after Lawrence Ati-Zigi pulled off an acrobatic save from Jo Gue-sung.
A little theatrical perhaps, but a fine save nonetheless.

Ghana sitting back

Ghana is sitting deep and looking to play on the break here. It’s a tactic that has won them two corners in quick succession but nothing comes of them.

55 mins: South Korea 0-2 Ghana


Jo Gue-sung scores for South Korea
Substitute Kang-in makes an instant impact and his ball in from the left is expertly headed in by Gue-sung. Game on!

57 mins: South Korea 1-2 Ghana

Don’t call it a comeback

not yet, at least. That was a nice goal from South Korea who is now looking for a better team.
Could they? Surely, not…


Gue sung equalizes South Korea!

60 mins: South Korea 2-2 Ghana

Do call it a comeback!

This World Cup delivers again.
Another lovely cross and header from South Korea. The stadium erupts with raw passion from the South Korean fans.
Game on!


Gue-sung equalizes South Korea!
Left-back Jin su-Kim’s cross is powerfully headed home by South Korea’s number nine for his second goal. Wow!

60 mins: South Korea 2-2 Ghana

Do call it a comeback!

This World Cup delivers again.
Another lovely cross and header from Guesung. The stadium erupts with raw passion from the South Korean fans.

Absolute scenes!

Absolute scenes here as South Korea gets onto the score sheet with two goals in succession.
The Taegeuk Warrior fans are hugging, pulling, and jumping on top of each other with great fervor and relief.
For perhaps the first time in the game, the Ghanaian camp looks perplexed.

We have a game on our hands

Ghana began the second half sitting far too deep, inviting pressure from South Korea. Their conservatism has been taken advantage of here. There’s no predicting what’s going to happen next. We’re a little over the hour mark and the game has already gone through three clear phases. South Korea is in the ascendancy here.

65 mins: South Korea 2-2 Ghana


Kudus scores again.
Mensah makes an overlapping run down the left and his low cross is missed by Williams but Kudus is on hand to stroke home.

68 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

It’s that man again

A superstar in the making! 2014 was when James Rodríguez announced himself on the international stage, Mbappe in 2018 – is it Kudus’ turn?

Ghana is arguably the most fun team in the World Cup

The Black Stars lost 3-2 in their first game and now they’re up 3-2. They’re pure box office!
It’s the first time they’ve scored three goals in a World Cup.

71 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana 

It’s all happening here

Kang-in is creating havoc. In the past couple of minutes, he’s seen a free kick parried for a corner and then creates a chance for Gue-sung that is hooked off the line.

78 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

South Korea is going for a third!

They are trying everything now, including a creative free kick where two of their players knelt in front of the opposition wall.
And they look like they may be able to get a third, as they have the ball cleared off the line.
Could they make it another 3-3 today?

Changes for both sides

Lamptey and the Ayew brothers are off for Ghana. Odoi, Sulemana, and Kyereh come on in their place.
Woo-young is replaced by Ui-jo Hwang for South Korea

Ghana supporters are re-energized

That Kudus goal has re-energized the Ghana supporters, who are now once back to cheering their team as they did in the first half.
The South Koreans, however, are not letting up even though some of their fans look like they can’t bear to watch the game anymore, holding on to their friends and family in a sign of nervousness.

South Korea is threatening

Jin-su Kim fires over for South Korea. Son misses the ball played in from the right and the ball falls to Kim but his shot was always rising.

83 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

breaking records…

and South Korea’s World Cup dream.
Kudus has been unstoppable today.

South Korea going direct

The wingbacks are pinging balls into the box here. A loss here leaves them perilously close to elimination. We’re in for a grandstand finish.

88 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

10 minutes of injury time!

Spare a thought for the Ghanaian fans whose heart rates must be through the roof here! South Korea is camping out in the Ghana half here.

90+2 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

What a save!

Ati Zigi with a strong block from a Kang-in’s shot from a tight angle.

90+5mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

Kang-in is everywhere

The substitute is driving South Korea forward. Can he bring South Korea back on level terms again? Ghana’s players look spent!

90+7 mins: South Korea 2-3 Ghana 

South Korea is suffocating Ghana

..but they haven’t found their equalizer here. Ghana is hanging on!

90+10: South Korea 2-3 Ghana


South Korea 2-3 Ghana!


South Korea coach Paulo Bento receives a red card. He’s livid with the referee for blowing the whistle before South Korea have the chance to take the corner they’d won.

Absolute scenes here!

…And breathe

Game of the tournament, for me. That had everything. Ghana hangs on for a remarkable 3-2 win and boosts their chances of qualification.

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