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Jamaica’s Number 1 Problem is Indiscipline

 Jamaica’s Number 1 Problem is Indiscipline

When the state does not take charge and persons do what they feel like doing, then chaos rules, and living in a situation like that stresses, out a nation. You see the problem in our schools, our churches, in business, in our parliament, in our homes and it is at crisis levels on the streets.

Can you imagine, with the level of traffic on the road today, at about 4:30 pm, and this gentleman decides to have his meal while driving. Those behind his vehicle had to wait until he finished a bite of that tasty chicken and then probably lick all ten figures.  This happened today in the heavy traffic turning from Maxfield Avenue to Lyndhurst Road.

Dr. Lucien Jones, we say that speed kills but I believe that indiscipline kills and this is made more frequent because the state probably is taking a bipolar position on this matter. Dr. Jones, you are probably making as many statements to the press as the number of accidents annually!!! The problem remains the same.

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Man Enjoys His Meal While Motorists Wait

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