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Jamaican ‘Running Off’ from Canada’s Agricultural Program

Jamaican 'Running Off' from Canada's Agricultural Program

Alarming Rise – Sparks Urgent Action – Minister Reveals Shocking Details!

Jamaican 'Running Off' from Canada's Agricultural Program

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Minister Charles Jr Reveals Startling Crisis: Jamaican Workers Deserting Canada’s Agricultural Program!

In a gripping revelation, Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles Jr
discloses alarming concerns about the surge in Jamaican workers abandoning the Seasonal
Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP) in Canada. The shocking trend threatens the livelihoods
of hundreds and the future of the program itself.

Charles Jr urgently calls on Members of Parliament to address this critical issue with
their constituents, emphasizing the negative impact on opportunities for Jamaican workers.

He highlights the risk of disgruntled employers, pointing out that a single dissatisfied
employer could jeopardize spaces for 800 Jamaican workers.

The sensitization session for MPs underscores the vital role they play in the pre-selection
process for the Farm Work Programme. The minister notes that the SAWP, once exclusive to
Jamaica and Canada, are now highly competitive, involving other countries like Mexico, Barbados,
and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Charles Jr pledges collaboration and transparency with Canadian officials to tackle the crisis head-on. He emphasizes the need for deliberate recruitment and a more robust orientation process to bridge the gap between worker expectations and reality.

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The minister acknowledges complaints about newer workers’ attitudes and work ethic and commits to implementing a comprehensive orientation program, including training videos tailored to specific job types within the program.


In addition to addressing worker absconding, Charles Jr reveals measures for the enhancement of the SAWP in 2024. These include literacy programs for those not selected, improved communication tools, an application for workers, and a revamped liaison service.

The minister highlights the importance of employers’ involvement in the selection process, aiming to identify the best candidates for specific needs. Continuous assessment of workers’ performance, exit surveys, and a recognition and rewards program are also in the works to ensure the program’s success.


Don’t miss the full story of the urgent actions taken to safeguard the future of Jamaican
workers in Canada’s agricultural program!


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