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Jamaican farm worker killed in ‘work-related accident’ in Canada


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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security on Tuesday expressed sadness at the passing of farm worker, Garvin Yapp, who participated in the Ministry’s Farm Work Programme in Canada.

Yapp, 57, hails from Tangle River District in St James.

The ministry said in a release that Yapp was a 35-year veteran of the programme. 

It also said he was held in such high esteem that his employer would vacation at his home on visits to Jamaica

“Circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated, however, preliminary reports are that on August 14, he was involved in a work-related accident and was pronounced dead on site,” the ministry said.

A team from the Ministry’s Family Services Unit has reportedly visited with Yapp’s family and has been offering psycho-social and other support.

Meanwhile, Minister of Labour and Social Security Karl Samuda, who, along with Permanent Secretary Colette Roberts Risden, is currently touring farms in Canada, spoke with Yapp’s widow by telephone earlier on Tuesday afternoon. 

Samuda reportedly expressed his condolences and assured her of the Ministry’s continued support.

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