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Mona High Student Goes Viral – Rampage Stuns Jamaica

Mona High Student Goes Viral

Outrageous Chaos Unleashed: Mona High Students’ Rampage Stuns Nation After Manning Cup Victory!

Mona High Student Goes Viral

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Witness the shocking aftermath of Mona High’s Manning Cup triumph as students and supporters unleash chaos at Jamaica College! Minister Fayval Williams strongly condemns the unacceptable behaviour. Explore the mayhem, disrupted classes, and viral video footage. Can sportsmanship survive this ordeal? Stay informed on this sensational incident at talkupditingsdem.com!

In a shocking turn of events, Minister of Education and Youth Fayval Williams has expressed strong condemnation for the “unacceptable behaviour” exhibited by students from Mona High School and their supporters. The incident occurred during a victory march celebrating Mona High’s weekend Manning Cup football triumph.

As the students paraded from their school to Liguanea in jubilation of their Manning Cup victory, a faction deviated from the main march and forcefully entered the Jamaica College compound at 189 Old Hope Road. Chaos ensued, disrupting classes with loud shouts and simulated gunshots, while expletives were hurled at the breached gate’s security guard, as captured in a now-viral video.


Williams emphasized the importance of maintaining respect for oneself and competitors, even in the heat of inter-school competition. “Good sportsmanship takes place not only on the field but also in how we interact with competitors on the roads and in all other arenas,” she stated.

Ironically, Mona High, in its 44th year since opening in 1979, is coached by Jamaica College’s old boy, Craig Butler.


The reprehensible actions of the Mona High students have ignited widespread condemnation on social media platforms. Stay informed as talkupditingsdem.com brings you the latest updates on this controversial matter.

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