Home » Beryllium Security Team Narrowly Escapes Another Daring Attack

Beryllium Security Team Narrowly Escapes Another Daring Attack

Beryllium Security Team Narrowly Escapes Another Daring Attack

Shocking Details Unveiled About Beryllium Robbery

Beryllium Security Team Narrowly Escapes Another Daring Attack

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Stay on the edge with the latest update on Jamaica’s Beryllium security team facing yet another daring attack. Uncover the shocking details and ongoing efforts by the police to curb the wave of criminal activities targeting cash-handling sources.

In a harrowing incident, Jamaica’s Beryllium security team faced another life-threatening attack, narrowly escaping unharmed! Gunmen opened fire during an attempted robbery in St Elizabeth, causing minor damage to the Beryllium Limited-owned vehicle. This marks the second assault after a fatal incident in February.


In the previous attack at a JN Bank ATM in Portmore Pines Plaza, one team member lost their life. In March, armed robbers targeted Beryllium security officers at a Scotiabank ATM, fleeing with over $23 million. Six individuals are now in custody related to that incident.

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson addressed the situation, emphasizing a rise in attacks on cash-handling sources. Criminals, impacted by law enforcement actions, are turning to high-cash targets like ATMs and courier services. Anderson highlighted the need for stringent measures against such activities, revealing that one of the detainees faces 12 charges from a previous attack.

Stay informed on this critical matter with talkupditingsdem.com, as we bring you the latest updates on Jamaica’s ongoing battle against cash-centric criminal activities.

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