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Is It True Jamaicans Don’t Really Care About Covid?

 Is It True Jamaicans Don’t Really Care About Covid?

Many Jamaicans don’t really seem to care a bit about covid-19, while the number of persons being infected with the virus continues to rise. Indications are that if the trend continues, then thousands more will be infected and thousands will die from the deadly disease. One lady who was selling in Kingston, when asked by a television reporter about Covid-19, replied that she was not afraid of Covid-19. When asked why she declared that she is Covid and Covid cannot be afraid of Covid.

A few party organizers with a minister’s support seemed to have lobbied hard to get the entertainment sector going. You will note that right after the Festival Song Competition in 2020 at least two of those involved in the competition, ended up with Covid-19. Having parties seems to be more important these days than controlling this disease and getting our children back into school.

Persons have complained that they have seen political figures hugging up persons, which is a breach of the Covid-19 protocol. Even people in the media who encourage others to adhere to the protocols are not following the protocols.

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                                                       No Fraid A Covid!

It Nah Guh Be Hurricane Grace Coming This Name Hurricane Covid-19
The behavior of the people in this video is despicable. I am convinced that Covid-19 is not Jamaica’s number one problem but indiscipline!!! The Prime Minister and the Government must take decisive action now or else ‘hell ago pop loose’ and the good Lord help us!
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