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History In The Making, The Next Miss World Could Be Transgender!

 History In The Making, The Next Miss World Could Be Transgender!

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This is history which some will not welcome and some will. Yes, a transgender woman has won the Miss Nevada USA title for the first time, and he… sorry, she will compete for the next Miss USA pageant.

I can hear my dead granny saying, “Puppa Jesus a cum fi ‘im wor’ now!” Can you imagine more men starting to change their sex in order to enter this competition? They probably need to have a Mr. World Competition now!


I would not be surprised if the UWI establishes a department of Sexuality because this matter is becoming a hot topic these days. You have heterosexuals’, homosexuals, pansexuals, asexuals and I have come up with a new category, handy sexual.  handy sexual? You have never heard of that before? When they start the BA course you will get to learn about it. In the meantime just join the boys on the corner and they will educate you.

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