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UWI STAFF Workers Get BAD UP For COVID-19 Vaccine

 UWI STAFF Workers Get BAD UP For  COVID-19 Vaccine 

Last week a crowd descended on the UWI campus to be vaccinated. Confusion was created because many heard that the Covid-19 vaccine was in short supply. From reports, everyone was trying to get to the head of the line to get their jabs. Persons are scared of the vaccine but having covid-19 is hell before you get to hell.

Abuses were hurled at the staff at the vaccination center at the UWI last week. I understand that some of the curse words used cannot be repeated. What we heard on news I understand, was very mild when compared to what was actually said.

What was even shocking to many was how members of the crowd treated Professor The Most Honourable Eldemire Shearer. She is the Professor of Public Health and Ageing at the University of the West Indies. She is also a leading spokesperson and advocates for aging. It was a shame to hear how some of those elderly persons treated her. Dr. Eldemire is the wife of former Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Most Hon. Hugh Lawson Shearer.

Persons who were at the UWI vaccination center, told me that one gentleman threatened to get his bad men to shoot up the staff and also declared that he had their pictures, so it would be easy to identify them. The volunteers, many of them students, were traumatized by the abuse which took place. The despicable behavior and the disrespect shown to the medical staff were embarrassing. 

I will simply say, “What a life, what a country”.

When I went to the UWI vaccination center on Tuesday to get my vaccination I heard them referring to the last man quite a few times. The announcement was then made that they have the last vaccine for the day. It was at that point I realized that I was The Last Man. 

One feeble and disappointed old man said, “You will have any vaccines tomorrow?”  The response was that we will not know until we get more tomorrow. I then went inside to congratulate Dr. Shearer and her staff who I understand have worked some long hours. There was the woman who has suffered abuse from those she is trying to help, She was there literally about to jump through the room congratulating her staff and staying you did well, you vaccinated 451 persons today. 

I went up to her and congratulated her and said thanks. I also apologized for the behavior of those disgusting Jamaicans who abused her the week before. I wondered to myself and said, “I wonder how many other persons went to her and said thanks for serving the people of Jamaica?” 

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