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FAKE! Picture of Holness altered to increase indignation over pay raise

FAKE! Picture of Holness altered to increase indignation over pay raise

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a phony, photoshopped image of Prime Minister Andrew Holness in comparison to a real image of him from when he was the Opposition Leader in 2014 (seen below).

According to reports, a picture of Prime Minister Andrew Holness allegedly advocating for legislators to get the minimum wage while he was the Opposition Leader in 2014 is being shared on many social media sites.

Attorney and former People’s National Party (PNP) member Clyde Williams was informed on Saturday that the photoshopped image of Holness he (Williams) shared on Twitter is not authentic by Robert Morgan, minister portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsible for information.

Williams posted the photo of Holness carrying a piece of paper with the words: “Jamaica 2014 #Pay Parliament Minimum Wage #Leadingbyexample,” asking, “Does anyone recognize this man?”

Several people, including Williams, have used the image to express how they feel about the government’s recent decision to raise the pay of local lawmakers, including the prime minister.

In response to the lawyer’s post, Morgan asserted: “Clyde (Williams). It’s a fraud “.

The minister subsequently tweeted the accurate image, which showed Holness clutching a piece of paper with the words “Bring back our girls” and had been posted on a local newspaper’s website on May 11, 2014.

Holness, who was the opposition leader at the time, supported the demand for the release of the more than 300 schoolgirls who had been abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria in 2014.

The actual photo of Andrew Holness as Opposition Leader back in 2014.

Several people were astounded by how rapidly false information spreads online while others on Twitter criticized those who didn’t do their due diligence in confirming the validity of the widely disseminated bogus images of Holness.

“Wow, it appears that the PM’s picture was altered to arouse anger. Oh, my, my, and sharing it with those who are wiser, “a female tweeter added.

“Bwoy, I’m sorry for unnuh if this is how readily you guys go for photoshopped material. Smh, “a man using Twitter stated.

Posting a manipulated photograph of Holness in an attempt to harm his reputation does not assist people who are sincere in their concerns about the salary problem.

Clyde Williams

On Sunday morning, Williams tweeted that he had removed the problematic photo and expressed regret for having shared it.

“I apologize for my part in the transmission of false information. I have removed the altered photo “Tweets from Williams.

“I still maintain that the wage rise for the Cabinet is impolite, out of scale, and inequitable. I have nothing against pay increases, but equity must exist “Added he.


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