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Appeal for genuine stories from electric vehicle owners

Appeal for “genuine stories” from electric vehicle owners

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Although electric cars are still very new in Jamaica, several kinds are currently common on the country’s roadways.

At a recent online discussion titled “Ask Your EV Questions,” presented by JPS Foundation/IDB Lab’s Project eDrive, Xavier Gordon, CEO of Flash Motors, stated that “The EV business is definitely starting to flourish in Jamaica, with over 200 EVs commuting on our roads.”

As more people become aware that electric vehicles (EVs) are more environmentally friendly and economical to operate than conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, there is undoubtedly an increase in interest in EV ownership.

Many EV owners are prepared to provide their support to the eDrive Project’s initiatives to further the growth of the e-mobility sector in Jamaica.

The eDrive Project is launching a national EV hashtag digital promotion for fully Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) owners and enthusiasts to share real stories along the hashtag themes #EVsbringfamiliestogether and #discoverplaceswithyourEV.

This is due to the zeal of EV drivers to spread the positives about their EV experiences.

Lead eDrive Project Coleen Palmer Wright said:
“In order to help Jamaica adopt EVs, we have to take into account the enthusiasm of our EV advocates. 
There are, let’s face it, no better EV supporters than EV owners.
With a six-week hashtag campaign, The eDrive Project will encourage EV owners to use the hashtag themes as inspiration for road trips with loved ones.

A maximum of three-minute-long video clips of the journey must be captured. Their submitted videos must demonstrate coziness, pleasure, and lack of range anxiety.
Anyone may participate using either theme and as often as they like beginning on Friday, May 19. Entry is accepted till June 7, 2023.

The video entries should be uploaded to along with the submitters’ contact information. 

The qualifying videos will be posted to e-Instagram Drive’s platform after being reviewed by the eDrive Project team. Prizes will be given to the top three videos with the most “likes.”

It is anticipated that this hashtag digital promotion with the video-sharing concept would be interesting, moving, and enjoyable. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs. 

To help them with their electricity costs, the top three will also receive JPS gift cards worth a combined $95,000 in free charging, according to Palmer Wright.

One of the numerous projects being implemented to make sure Jamaica is prepared for the merger of energy and transportation is the JPS Foundation/IDB Lab’s eDrive project. 

The project’s main goal is to create a sustainable environment for electric mobility, which involves putting in place the components necessary to ensure the development and growth of the new electric mobility sector.


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