This Is One Of The Most Horrendous Acts I’ve Ever Seen!!!

 This Is One Of The Most Horrendous Acts I’ve Ever Seen!!!

This video below might upset you, so do not open it if you cannot deal with the sight of serious cruelty to an animal. 

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It shows a gentleman setting a cat afire in front of some children and then allowing the cat to run away. 

This could have created a massive bush fire or this cat could have gone into a house and caused a family to lose their house.

You might wonder what kind of mind would do that sort of thing. 
I believe that it is the same type of mind which are responsible for the over 1,000 persons being murdered annually in Jamaica

I wish someone could identify where this happened and who committed this horrendous act. Can you imagine if we lived in a society where if you did that to an animal or to someone, then the same thing would be done to you!

Please add your comments and encourage the police to track down this person.  This is cruelty to animals. This person probably would have no problem doing this to a human being.

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