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It Seems Rapists And Other Criminals Have More Freedom Than You And I Do

 It Seems Rapists And Other Criminals Have More Freedom Than You And I Do

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The Director of Public Prosecution, 
Ms. Paula Llewellyn CD, QC, 
was the guest speaker, 
and she spoke about her experience dealing with cases where were women and children are the victims.

During the meeting after the presentation of the DPP, I gave my views regarding how we should treat irresponsible parents and others who abuse our children and women. The DPP cautioned me about respect for human rights and also about the laws of the country. Of course, I would not be deterred by what she said, and I made the point that if the constitution is not serving us then we must change it and the same applies to our laws. You must listen to the unforgettable speech of the first female DPP who is truly the people’s servant.
I feel strongly that persons who cannot and will not bring up their children properly, should not be allowed to have any more children. Of course, we can come up with creative ways to implement policies to deter and stop irresponsible parents from having more children. My position on the matter is that no one should have the right to have out their ‘lot’, and then those children grow up and have no right to get proper food, clothing. shelter and also to be properly educated. Many of these children end up becoming hardened criminals who murder and kill innocent people.
One gentleman in the audience supported my position and I am sure others would have given their support if there was enough time to do so. What I find interesting, is that there was a report in one newspaper today about the meeting, and no mention was made that I first put forward certain points at this meeting. I assume that I was not mentioned because I am not a businessman in charge of a large operation. The sad thing is that the businessman was not at the meeting representing his company and yet all details are given about the company and his position at that company. This could put this businessman in conflict with members of his board.
I believe that when we report on a meeting like that, there is no need to personalize the report to the extent that the persons who simply supported the position of another person now become the main news. Unless of course, we want to set up that person. We must understand that when persons speak out about matters, they could be stepping on quite a number of corns. The last time I spoke and stepped on some corns I was removed from a number of positions.
Yes, I do believe that men who are serial rapists should have their weapons of mass destruction immobilized. Men and women who abuse children should not have children and children should not be left in their care. I believe that some of us even if we preach the gospel from Genesis to Revelation to us, will only find a chapter to prove that what we did was right. When you educate some of us, you are simply empowering them to abuse others who are not so empowered. 
We hear about freedom of speech but those who rape and abuse our women and children seem to have more freedom than the rest of us. Those weapons of mass destruction concealed between their legs seem to have more freedom than our freedom of speech. The sad thing is that those who spoke out at that meeting could find themselves coming under more pressure and not the rapists and abuses out there.
What a country, what a life!!! 
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DPP Gave The Facts – The Audience Was Shocked!!!

the Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn,  
to the Downtown Rotary Club this afternoon. 
The information will shock you. 

The information that she gives, will leave you with no 
doubt why crime is so high in this country. 

We are breeding criminals and it is clear that some 
irresponsible parents are responsible for the high level 
of crime in the country. 

Frankly speaking, some persons should not have the right
to have children because they are just not capable of bringing up children properly. 

Some parents are sick….very sick. 

We need to find a creative way to stop sick persons from having children and growing them up.

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