Elusive armed bike robber nabbed and killed ( Leaked Video Inside )

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Hello everyone welcome to another talkupditingsdem news special.

today we wanna talk about a very elusive bike robber that has been terrorizing the city for a few days now.

Reports are that this individual went on a robbery spree for several days.

In the video, you can see the type of terror he inflicts on his victims.

it is said that there are witnesses that have seen him all over and some of them have fell victim to his rain of crime.

he was seen in Spanish town, Twickenham park, Behnam town, even as far as granspen avenue.

a witness told talkupditingsdem new that on Thursday, September 29th the mentioned bike robber was continuing his daily rain of crime on waterloo road.

he was attempting to rob a licensed firearm holder not knowing the man was a firearm holder and also an x police officer, the robber did his normal routine of pulling his gun and scaring the victim into giving him what he wants from them.

but luckily the x police officers training that he received from his years in the JCF kicked in and the firearm holder quickly reacted, by pulling his weapon and eminently firing hitting the robber several times.

Police were called to the scene and a Glock 40 pistol was taken from his body, it was also discovered that the bike was stolen, and investigations continue.   

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