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I understand that the Officer who was involved in that controversial interaction with Minister Everald Warmington recently, DSP Mandeson, has been transferred to the Hunts Bay Police Station. No one knows if the officer was transferred because of the incident since officers are transferred periodically. Some persons are linking the two. I would suggest that DSPs are rotated every two or three years and this would eliminate the suspicion surrounding the transfer of cops.
Back to that infamous interaction between the cop and MP Warmington. I must admit that if you have an MP and the Officer in charge of an area who cannot get along, then this would be an untenable situation. One has to go and you know who will have to go! 

The police will also have a problem taking action against persons such as political leaders, members of a gang, community leaders, and other persons who have strong support at the community level. You remember the challenge that strong man Zeeks posed for the state when he was detained, and also Tivoli Gardens Don, Dudus? You could face some serious challenges if a cop attempt to arrest or detain a popular MP! Oh yes, I know that you will say that Jackass sey di worl’ no lebel. Well if Jackass knows that…..

My suggestion to police officers is not to get into, nor allow yourself to be drawn into an argument with leaders of the state who are your bosses. This brings me to the point where I believe that we need to have a system where if a political leader behaves in a matter which  is out of line with the Code of Conduct for an MP (Is there one?) Then there should be a committee of parliament to deal with the matter. If the MP is found guilty, then that MP could be asked to vacate his/her seat. Criminal and other charges could then follow. 
It is not advisable especially in a small country like Jamaica, for members of the security forces to be able to arrest any MP. This could lead to a crisis in the country. The officer should however be able to ticket the MP for an offense.

Some persons might say why a police officer should not be allowed to arrest a member of parliament? Can you imagine if the police decide to arrest a number of parliamentarians just before elections? Oh yes, it has happened before. Can you imagine if the parliament was to vote on an important issue and two MPs are detained by the police and those two votes could have to change the decision of the parliament?
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