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The Gun Symbolism And sign Language Ting!

 The Gun Symbolism And sign Language Ting!

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Once upon time sex was making love but now it is stabbing a beef, killing a ting. 

Symbolism, body language, and what comes out of our mouth tells a lot about us as a people. 

Think about this, we use cuss words which are mainly about women – blood cloth, you come een like pussy.  

No wonder many of us no longer love women nor have respect for them and many of them have no respect for men either. 

Probably that is why we now have this ongoing gender war which some call gender violence. 

The language we use in our daily lives tells us what we think of one another. 

Remember that many refer to their fellow human beings as, “Yes dawg“. 

Oh yes, we do bark at one another. In my case I ‘talkupditingsdem’ :). 

This is a very violent society and whether we like it or not, the use of the gun sign to celebrate at a sporting event is not appropriate. 

Some might say that it is because gun is part of our culture so ano nutten.  

I believe that even showing off on your competitor is inappropriate. 

That is assuming that our participation in social events such as sports is to unite us as a people rather than to divide us. 

If I was a Principal, my students would be socialized to be gracious in victory and to congratulate those who have lost for being good competitor. 

The loser should also be gracious in defeat and congratulate the winner for doing well. 

If one has been to primary, secondary, and tertiary education institutions and has not learned these things, then the educational system has failed you. 

We cannot afford to graduate bhuttos at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of our educational system. 

We now see Bhutto’s behavior at all levels – in politics, the church, academia, in many professions, in the corporate world, and elsewhere. 

I would prefer to be associated with a pauper who has class than to be associated with a rich person who has no class who I refer to as a Bhutto. 

Class is the way we treat one another, and how we conduct ourselves, and not about whether we have money and live on the hilltop or not. 

God bless the few people who have class in this country. You only have to go on the road and see how badly our drivers behave on our roads – some in fancy and expensive cars decked out in suits too.

What has Jamaica come to!!!

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