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Critical Showdown: Mark Golding’s Game Plan for PNP Victory

Critical Showdown: Mark Golding's Game Plan for PNP Victory

Local Government Elections Revealed!


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Unlock the secrets to PNP’s Local Government Elections strategy! Critical Showdown Mark Golding reveals the game plan for victory in a must-read political showdown. 🗳️🔥 #JamaicaPolitics #PNPWin

In a high-stakes declaration, People’s National Party (PNP) President and Opposition Leader
Mark Golding emphasized the pivotal nature of the upcoming Local Government Elections, setting
the stage for a potential game-changer in Jamaican politics. Golding’s strategic insights into
the implications of winning or losing the polls reveal a nuanced understanding of the political

Golding, addressing a fervent crowd at a spot meeting in St Elizabeth North Eastern, drew a
compelling parallel between the local elections and a crucial semi-final match. According to
him, success in the “semi-finals” is imperative for the PNP’s journey to the ultimate “finals” – the General Elections. He asserted, “If we don’t do well in the semi-final, you know seh a problem.”

Scheduled for the 26th of the month, Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ timing of the parochial polls coincides with a surge in PNP energy. Golding attested to the readiness of PNP supporters nationwide, signalling their dissatisfaction with the current administration. Urging party members to stand firm, he emphasized the gravity of the political work needed to secure victory on February 26.


Golding’s rallying cry extended to mobilizing previously disengaged PNP supporters, stressing the importance of their participation. With unwavering confidence, he expressed his belief in victory, attributing it to divine will: “I believe in my heart we will (win the Local Government Elections) because God wants that for Jamaica.”

As the momentum builds, Golding envisions the PNP as well-poised and ready for future challenges. The strategic importance of the St Elizabeth North Eastern constituency, where the PNP previously clinched three out of four divisions in the 2016 local elections, adds weight to Golding’s assertions.

The PNP’s councillor candidates, Donovan Pagan, Audie Myers, Everton Fisher, and Maurice Nembhard, reflect a diverse and capable lineup. Attorney Zulieka Jess, the PNP’s parliamentary candidate in the constituency, further solidifies their position.

In the current political landscape, the seat is held by the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Delroy Slowley, setting the stage for a fierce battle between the political rivals.

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