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Charged with Beryllium assault at St. Thomas gas station

Charged with Beryllium assault at St. Thomas gas station is a St. Catherine guy.

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The recent attacks on Beryllium cars and security personnel are being investigated, and investigators are celebrating the arrest and charging of a St. Catherine man as a “significant breakthrough” in their case.

In connection with the attack on Beryllium security personnel in St. Thomas on April 29, Jevon Bashford, also known as “Bashy,” of Murdock Avenue, Big Lane in Central Village, is charged with various offenses under the Weapons Act, the Anti-Gang Law, and other statutes.

Bashford is accused of:

  • Wounding with intent with the use of a firearm
  • Robbery with aggravation
  • Shooting with intent
  • Use of a firearm to commit a felony (two counts)
  • Possession of a prohibited weapon
  • Unauthorized possession of ammunition
  • Stockpiling firearms
  • Stockpiling ammunition
  • Possession of firearm and ammunition with intent to cause damage
  • Being a participant in a criminal organization
  • Malicious destruction of properties
  • Using conveyance to traffic firearms
  • Facilitating the commission of an applicable offense by a criminal organization
  • Conspiracy to commit robbery with aggravation

On the day of the event, a gang of individuals ambushed the Beryllium security personnel with gunshots as they were performing maintenance tasks inside a service station at approximately 10:53am.

Shots were fired, injuring a bystander and one of the security guards.

Prior to the males making their getaway in a vehicle, a bag holding more than $100,000 was also taken from the Beryllium truck, according to the police on Wednesday.

The Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Bureau detectives conducted an operation on Jacques Road in Mountain View, Kingston on June 9 as a result of their investigations, and they were able to confiscate two powerful rifles and more than 70 different rounds of ammunition.

According to the authorities, Bashford was apprehended there.
He reportedly provided a warning statement while his lawyer was there, was questioned, and then charged.
The cops stated they are setting up a court date for him.


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